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Just This Side of Sane...

Time to update my profile! Again!

I'm La, currently teaching Spanish to a bunch of middle schoolers! I have an M.Ed. in Spanish Education, an MA in Public History and a BA in History and Spanish.

I watch far too much TV, eat far too much chocolate, and... well, I have no idea how to finish that sentence.

I love to read and have well over 1500 books (probably pushing 2000 by now); I'm currently in the process of cataloging them all so I can indulge my compulsion to have them on the shelves by genre and then by author. The books range from sci-fi and fantasy to romance to classics to business manuals to children's books to general literature to history texts to astronomy... And lately I've just been buying them to have, not even to read.

I read a lot of fanfic, and I used to write some of my own (Stargate: Atlantis only, so far). Anything else to round out this boring little blurb? Oh, yes. I'm a cat person, and according to my friends I'm on my way to becoming the crazy cat lady (I only have three!). And I LOVE the moon. Every time I see it I say hello, and I can quite happily spend an hour just staring at it.